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New Bread Ingredients

"Eisenreich, Pete" <Eisenrei@space1.spacenet.jhuapl.edu>
Mon, 19 Sep 94 13:36:00 edt
My new King Arthur Flour catalog (800/827-6836) has several new products 
that may be of interest (they are to me!).

-  Dried Powdered Whole Egg  (Replace egg when using delay timer)

   I've been looking for these for a while and had only been able to egg 
   whites or Egg Replacer (Completely artificial for egg allergies).

-  European grain and flour blends

   I've ordered (but not received yet) several varieties of German 
   grain blends from Uldo Backmittel.  KA says you add these to
   a mixture of white and rye flour.  I expect (hope) to get something
   like a German Bauernbrot.  The 3 varieties they offer are
   Jogging Brot, Multikorn and Knitz Backmischung.  I'll post
   when I get and try these.

   Also available are English Grain mixes and Irish and French flours.

If anybody knows about these or has tried them I'd like to hear about it.

If you have another source of European grain mixes or flours, essp. German,
I'd like to hear about that too.  

On a recent trip to Germany I asked about the recipe for some traditional 
Baurenbrot (Farmer's bread) I was eating.  One of the ingredients was 
"Fertig Sauer" (ready-sour).  I volunteered that I had a sour-dough culture   
and was told by a grandmotherly woman "Oh no we haven't done that since 
_my_ grandmother's time".  Does anybody know of a source of "instant-sour"  
(other than vinegar) or something like that.


(I have no connection to KA Flour, but like their catalog and products tho
they are sometimes kinda expensive.)