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Source for hard-to-find flours

"Beneway, Douglas E" <JZMC@MARISTB.MARIST.EDU>
Thu, 18 Aug 94 21:02:23 EDT
I've noticed a number of requests on the list for sources of
hard-to-find flours and grains.  I'm fortunate in that not more
than 20 minutes from where I live, near the foot of the beautiful
Shawangunk Mountains, is a water-powered gristmill and country
store.  The good news for Bread Digest'ers is that they ship
their goods U.P.S.!

The gristmill sells flours, grains, baking products, dried
fruits, dried beans, nuts, seeds, spices, and much other stuff.
Most of the the popular flours are ground right on the premises;
specialty flours come mainly from other mills (NOW Foods,
Arrowhead Mills, etc.)  The catalog mentions which are which.

Here's a partial list of grains and flours they carry:

Amaranth - flour, grain              Potato - flour
Barley - flour, pearled (grain)      Pumpernickel flour (coarse)
Bran - Oat, Rice, Wheat              Quinoa - flour, grain
Bread flour - White, Whole Wheat     Rice (White, Brown) - flour
Buckwheat - flour, groats            Rye - flour, flakes, grain
Bulgur (parboiled cracked wheat)     Semolina flour
Corn - flour, meal                   Soy - flour
Millet - flour, grain                Spelt - flour
Oat - flour, steel-cut, rolled       Wheat - cracked, middlings,
 (regular, thick), groats             flakes, grain (hard, soft)

They also carry yeast in bulk (Red Star) and gluten.

I can't begin to describe how much better the whole-wheat and
whole-rye flours are than supermarket brands.  Ask for their
catalog.  (Remember, you will have to add U.P.S. shipping charges
to your order.  Ask them for a rate chart also -- there isn't one
in the catalog!)  Here's their address and phone number:

  Tuthilltown Gristmill & Country Store
  Gristmill Lane
  Gardiner, NY  12525-9501

- Douglas Beneway <jzmc@maristb.edu> or <jzmc@maristb.bitnet>

P.S.  I have no connection to the mill, except as a satisfied
customer!  You might want to mention, however, that you heard
about them on Bread Digest.  :)