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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #30

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Tue, 9 Aug 94 08:30:34 EDT
You ask for a good bread machine cookbook.

I've got, and have heard good things about "BREAD MACHINE MAGIC"
which can be found at any good cooking store and many book stores.

It works for most every good ABM on the market.  One note you have
to adjust most recipies for most every machine.  Suggestion there
is to make a few loaves of plain white following the directions
with the machine.  No matter what the instructions say about NEVER
opening the machine once you press <START> do so about a minute or
two into the knead cycle.  Take a look at the appearence of the dough

Now when you are trying something new do the same thing.  If too wet
you might want to reduce the water a bit.  If to dry, increase it a few
drops.  (You can add water durning the knead cycle if you must however
remember DROPS not tablespoons full  Rarley do you need to adjust by
more than a teaspoon for any given machine.

Now remember the amount of adjustment, and "pre adjust" other recipes
first  (Note, I only "Pre adjust" if I use LESS water on the second try
as I can alaways add a few drops.  Or of course if it's the second or more
run of a recipe then I'll adjust according to expierence)

Remember whole grain breads don't tend to rise as well as plain white

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