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bread/stir fry info request

Reid <SLJC6@cc.usu.edu>
Mon, 01 Aug 1994 07:55:43 -0600 (MDT)
Hi everyone:

Does anyone have a recipe, or information, on how to make bread dough,
freeze it properly, so all you have to do is take it out of the freezer,
let it (raise/rise (whooops grammer police, he he), and bake it.  It would
seem to me that he yeast would die if frozen.  I don't understand how
the stores do this.

Also, maybe off subject for some lists that this is being sent to (sorry),
but does anyone have a good stir fry sauce?  I would like to stir-fry
my veggies, add a *bit* of chicken/whatever as meat for some flavor, and
them how do you "glue
" it together with what kink of sauce?  How do you make that yummy sauce(s)
that you get when you go "up town" to eat?

Thankx everyone for the info in advance.

Reid J. Furniss
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