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Whey Powder

Reid <SLJC6@cc.usu.edu>
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 23:21:41 -0600 (MDT)
Dear everyone:

Here is some interesting information regarding sugar, etc. that I
think you all might be interested in.  This is different stuff, and I
enjoy using this variation.


Lactose sugar or whey powder is a bi-product of milk, which makes your
baking & cooking more nutritional.  Why powder is composed of
approximately 75% lactose; and approximately 14% protein, & also
contains 115 other vitamins and minerals.

Whey Powder is also much more economical than glucose sugar, and Whey
Powder has been used as a sugar replacer in the large bakeries for a
quarter of a century.


	When the recipe calls for both brown & white sugar, use the
same amount of brown, but substitute the white sugar with the same
amount of whey powder.

	When the recipe calls for just white sugar, sue 2 parts whey
powder to 1 part sugar.  Example: 1 cup sugar; changes to 2/3 cup whey
powder, 1/3 cup sugar.

	When dealing in fourths use 1/2 whey powder & 1/4 sugar.

	Baked goods have a tendency to brown quicker on the bottom,
when baking with whey powder, so set your racks higher than usual in
your oven.  Put them on the upper half of the oven.

	Use only in recipes which can have other milk products in it.

	Whey powder cannot be substituted for sugar in things like
divinity.  They whey powder will caramelize in the syrup.

	Whey powder does not work well as a powdered sugar replacement
or as a coffee creamer.

	Do not set your oven higher than 375.  350 is the usual
cooking degrees to use for cookies and brownies or cakes.  Rolls may
be cooked at 375, but they will brown faster then without using whey

	Remember that whey powder is a milk product, when you are
deciding to use it on, or in something.

	Whey powder can be used half and half with sugar on cereals
and improve its nutrition.

	It also works well in a half and half mixture with skim milk,
as a beverage.

These helpful hints were written and compiled by Dairy Distributors,
Inc., dba Gossner's Cheese Company, 10th North and 10th West, Logan,
UT 84321.

I shall be sending to everyone some recipes that call for whey powder.
The ones I have tried are wonderful.  They are simple, easy to
substitute recipes.  I think you will enjoy!

Reid J. Furniss