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Michael Hirsch <hirsch@mathcs.emory.edu>
Wed, 13 Jul 1994 07:39:14 -0400
>>>>> cis57301_20@dhvx20.csudh.edu writes:

Stewart> I'm using a Panasonic auto bread maker and prefer dark breads
Stewart> over white, but the whole wheat is too crumbly. Any
Stewart> suggestions or recipies for a not so dark wheat bread would
Stewart> be wecomed. Thanx, Stewart.

First, try again with either a whole wheat bread flour or buy some
gluten and replace a small portion of the WW flour with the gluten.
That will really help the bread stick together.  

Second, I found that I had to stick pretty closely to the recommended
amount of salt to get the texture right (I tend to cut salt

Third, experiment a bit with the amount of water.  I found that an
extra 16th of a cup or so of water made a big difference in texture.

Good luck,

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