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Cheryl Sousa Dwyer <CLS@MATH.AMS.ORG>
07 Jun 1994 15:27:19 -0400 (EDT)
Topics: Bread Machines, Hints and Tips

Topic: Some of my experiences with bread machines

I recently owned an MK SEIKO, MR LOAF bread machine and after 
repeated use for 1 1/2 years the motor burned out.  Although it 
made an 'ok' loaf, I didn't want to purchase the same machine 
again for the afore mentioned reasons. 

DAMARK a mail order company has been mentioned as a place to 
buy bread machines, new or reconditioned.  This is probably ok, 
but they don't generally offer the latest release in bread makers.                      
Fortunately, I live an an area that offers a great deal of 
variety in shopping stores so LECHMERE is where I purchased my 
new TOASTMASTER 1 1/2 lb bread maker.  If you have a LECHMERE in 
your area I would definitely recommend checking them out.  They must 
have had over a dozen different models to choose from and the sales 
staff seems informed enough to give unbiased opinions.    

To my knowledge, there really hasn't been a good price/quality 
comparison done on machines lately and the sales clerk confirmed 
this as well.  She did say that since the beginning of the year there 
have been over a dozen new bread makers on the market and they really 
didn't even have the room to display them all.  She said the 
'TOASTMASTER' and 'REGAL' bread makers are now at the head of the 
class surpassing 'PANASONIC'.  There was another brand that rated the 
highest, but since it wasn't in my price range I didn't really pay much 

Another great thing was the cost, the 'TOASTMASTER' sells for 
$199.00, but there having a sale this week so I purchased it 
for $149.00. 

So far I've been very pleased, it offers 4 different cycles for 
bread making that I think will help solve some of the inconsistency 
in the rising and texture that I experienced with the 'mr loaf' 
machine. The cycles are 'QUICK BREAD' done in 2:40 hrs/min,  
SPECIALTY BREADS that takes somewhere around 3:30 hrs/min and 100% 
WHOLE WHEAT that takes around 4:00 hours, and DOUGH only. I think the 
100% whole wheat is probably what makes this a better bread machine
because heavy dough would imply a better motor.

It has a delay timer, and a light, medium, and dark selection for crust. 


My 'TOASTMASTER' doesn't have a yeast dispenser, but I found that it really 
isn't necessary. Most recipes call for adding the yeast last, however if you 
put the yeast in FIRST then add all the dry ingredients, then the liquid it 
works very nicely and the yeast will not be exposed to the surrounding 
elements until it starts to mix.

It was also mentioned in recipe book that came with the machine, that 
garlic and cinnamon were unfriendly to yeast and acts like a meat 
tenderize would to meat.  It is suggested to use no more than the 
recipe calls for and add it in the second cycle after the dough as 
already been mixed. 

Well I am about out of things to write about today, hope I haven't 
bored everyone to much.  Until next message happy bread making......


Cheryl Lynn Sousa Dwyer,  Ext. 4021
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