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Robert P. Sarao <sarao@bakrmn.enet.dec.com>
Fri, 15 Apr 94 09:20:31 EDT

	My name is Bob Sarao and I am a commerical baker in Leominster
MA. I have been reading this file for a while and never enetered 
anything  but I think the time has come for me to do so.

	First of all let me go on record as saying that you don't 
need those fancy gizmos and gadgets to make good bread. All you 
"knead" is time, patience, a little experimentation and love. 
Granted you can throw all of your ingredients together the night 
before and have fresh bread in the morning. But honestly how many 
of you actually do that. Probably not many.

	Secondly, don't put dough boosters, conditioners or any other
adulterants in your home baked bread. I certainly don't and I have 
have been in the bakery business for over 25 years. Sure they come 
out with new and improved ingredients that can help me use time in 
a more efficient way or slow down the proofing process when the 
bakery is 90-100 degrees (before we turn on the ovens)
What you're trying to achieve is a well baked wholesome bread. When you
use an R2D2 or CP3O machine, what your getting is in my opinion, a loaf
of american bread (Wonder Bread comes to mind). Granted you may get
different flavors but the texture is usually quite soft.

	Lastly, give old time baking a try. Experiment and have fun. Go for
hearth baked (with out a loaf pan), right on a cookie sheet even make
dinner or sandwich rolls.. Let's see a machine do that.

			Just my opions.

				Robert Sarao
				Tony's Bakery
				294 6th Street
				Leominster, MA. 01453

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