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Archive for low fat bread recipes

Mon, 4 Apr 1994 13:10:22 PDT
I came across this on the eat-lf dl this morning. It has many bread recipes
that have little or no fat in them plus many other recipes that are non bread
related. My understanding is that MOST of the bread recipes in it are for bread
machines. I sent for 2 neat ones - bagel bread and garlic-basil bread.

Good luck,


>If you have FTP access, you can use anonymous FTP to ftp.halcyon.com
>and the recipes are in /pub/recipes.

>If you don't have FTP access, you can ask the archive server to
>send you recipes via email. Send email to "archive-server@halcyon.com"
>(without the quotes). In the body (NOT THE SUBJECT LINE) of your
>email message, put the following, for example:

>send recipes/condiments/black-bean-salsa
>send recipes/dips/fava-puree

>You will receive a message acknowledging your request and promising to
>send you the recipes. Later you will receive the two (in this case)
>recipes as two separate mail messages. How much later depends on the
>load on the server -- if there are a lot of requests at a given time
>it may hold off on sending some stuff until its load is lighter. Be

>Finally, here is the full list of recipes on the server as of about
>a week ago. If you want to wade through the confusing nasty generic
>help file to find out how to ask for an index of recipes via email,
>you can always send a message containing the following to the server:

>send help