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Re: Dark crust problem

close@lunch.asd.sgi.com (Diane Barlow Close)
Thu, 31 Mar 1994 09:45:00 -0800 (PST)
Heather_Strenzwilk.Roch811sd@xerox.com asked
> I am having the same problem with machine 2 (with dark crusts on sweet/ dense
> breads.) Regular breads (wheat, white, etc.) are fine- just sweet breads such
> as raisin are dark.
> Any ideas? Should I use a different setting than the recipes suggest?

The dark crusts that come with sweet breads are due to the carmelizing of
the sugar when cooking the bread, which produces much darker crusts than
breads with less sugar.  So, if you want lighter crusts, either cut down
on the amount of sugar/sweeteners in the recipe or do a dough in the bread
machine and bake the bread in the oven at a lower temperature (like

_Laurel's Bread Book_ (I think I got the title correct; I'm doing this
from memory now) has an excellent chapter on the effect each ingredient
has on the resulting bread.  It's a bake-in-the-oven bread making book,
but it's still a very useful read for bread machine bakers because the
effects of the individual ingredients is still the same, and varying the
amounts of the ingredients still has the same effects as baking in the
oven -- you just can't control the rising time or baking temperature very
well in a bread machine, that's all.
Diane Barlow Close
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