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Bread machine desserts- why are my crusts so dark

Wed, 23 Mar 1994 11:27:20 PST
Hi all,

For Christmas my sister-in-law purchased me two bread cookbooks. One is basic
bread recipes (called Bread Machine Magic) and I have had much success with it.
The other book deals with dessert type concoctions, featuring sweeter, denser
doughs than normal bread dough. I've had much less success with these denser
doughs. The results are usually heavy and very dark, even if I use the lightest
crust setting.

I had an R2D2 Welbilt and had all but burned out the motor from almost constant
use. Machine number 2 is a Welbilt AB800 which is slightly smaller but much
quieter and twice as fast as my old R2D2.

I am having the same problem with machine 2 (with dark crusts on sweet/ dense
breads.) Regular breads (wheat, white, etc.) are fine- just sweet breads such
as raisin are dark.

Any ideas? Should I use a different setting than the recipes suggest?