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Sourdough recipe book

mrk@vax002.stockton.edu (Murray Kirch)
Thu, 17 Mar 1994 08:48:21 -0500
When I started using bread machines (over 5 years ago) I could
find no published sourdough recipes for bread machines.  I was
successful in adapting traditional recipes for my machine.  Now there
are many books available which include some sour dough recipes.
My favorite is German's The Bread Machine Cookbook III.

Last week I discovered (and purchased) a new book by
German & Wood, Worldwide Sourdoughs From Your Bread
Machine (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks), which I am sure will
become one of the most used books in my collection.

This book contains useful backgound material on sourdoughs and
bread machines followed by recipes grouped using three categories:

   1) Authentic sourdoughs (full cycle, no commercial yeast)
   2) Authentic sourdoughs (dough cycle, no commercial yeast)
   3) Pushbutton sourdoughs (with commercial yeast)

As the title indicates, there are recipes from all over the
world.  Here is a sample from category 1 (I have this running 
in my machine now).

   Cocoa Rye Bread (1.5 lb) 

   sourdough culture           2 cups
   white bread flour           1 cup

   Knead for 5 minues in machine, allow to sit for 8 hours,
   add the following ingredients and start cycle using French
   or basic white setting.

   water                        1/4 cup
   salt                         1 tsp.
   sugar                        1 tbs.
   vegetable oil                1 tbs.
   cocoa                        1/4 cup
   caraway seeds                1 tbs.
   vital gluten                 2 tsp.
   rye flour                    1 1/2 cups
   white bread flour            2/3 cup
   water as needed

Murray Kirch
Linwood, NJ