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List for bread *machines* only?

Lisa Stroyan <lisa@vger.sde.hp.com>
Mon, 14 Mar 1994 10:33:48 -0700
Hey folks, let's clear up this question of whether this list is for
bread machines only rather than for bread by hand.  My opinion is,
of course not!  All recipes are welcome, we can often modify them
for our preferred use (or make them on dough setting and bake in the oven
if using a bread machine).

The reason this discussion came up is that someone implied that
using a bread machine is inferior to the "real" way and seemed to insult 
those of us that use them (Maybe it wasn't intended but that is how
many of us took it).  So someone else responded with something like
"hey, this is a bread machine group!"

Anyway.  Welcome to all and let's share without worrying about
whether one way is "better" than the other - there are lots
of reasons to prefer either way and we can disagree here and
it shouldn't affect the usefulness of this group.

My 2 cents,


Lisa Stroyan 	
Fort Collins, CO