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tim.bandy@pcohio.com (Tim Bandy)
Fri, 25 Feb 94 00:40:00 -0500
From: tim.bandy@pcohio.com (Tim Bandy)

 Ma> Hello fellow breadsters. I am new to the list. I found out about it
 Ma> from some 1991 & 1992 files from a shareware CDROM disk.

 Ma> We have a R2D2 type refurbished Welbilt bread maker we bought a year
 Ma> ago from DMART. So far, we have not had the problems I found in the
 Ma> Bread Maker Digest files from two years ago, and we do use the maker
 Ma> a lot! We decided to try it out due to our frustrated attempts to buy
 Ma> healthy breads, i.e., bread without fat added to it.

 Ma> We have a question. We tried a whole grain, no fat added, bagel recipe
 Ma> that was posted in 1992. The recipe called for 30 seconds in boiling
 Ma> water. We got raw bagels with 30seconds and we got ruined bagels when
 Ma> we experimented with longer times. Does anyone have a similar recipe
 Ma> that works, or any suggestions, such as should we bake them instead?
 Ma> Thanks, Tim Bandy

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