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Bread machines vs. bread by hand

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Wed, 9 Feb 94 14:28:15 EST
I'm a little baffled about messages recently from people who say they
would never use a bread machine or won't use one again, or to say that
kneading by hand is superior, etc., etc.  I thought this list was for
bread machine users.

Joanne Garlow, I like your distinction about bread machines replacing
*buying* bread from the store.  That's how I think of mine!  I would never
claim that bread machines make better bread than those who hand mix, hand
knead, etc., etc., but I do kinda bridle when folks ask me why don't I
make my bread by hand instead of machine.  Fact is, if I didn't have a
bread machine, I would never get homemade bread.  With the bread machine,
I do.

Heck, just because I don't take the training wheels off my bike doesn't
mean I'm not riding a bike!  :-)

I've had my Welbilt ABM-100 for three years, and it's the only appliance
that lives on my counter -- the rest get put away (though I gave my
husband an espresso machine for Christmas, and it appears to have taken up
residence next door to the R2D2 <g>).

Hey, whatever happened to the person who offered a bread machine version
of Sally Lunn??