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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #4

Steve <Steve.Hocevar@FhHosp.AB.CA>
Wed, 02 Feb 1994 04:50:11 MST
>Sender: Bread-mgr@cykick.infores.com
>What's surprising to me is that after making about 50 loaves, I don't
>use the machine much any more...  Because it's a hassle to load it up
>(takes ten minutes) and clean up afterward (takes ten more minutes).
>Weird huh?  All those great recipes and I just make an occasional basic
>loaf that *usually* rises OK.

I've had mine of over a year now and I haven't bought a loaf of bread since. 
It takes me about 5 min max to load it up and cleaning consists of filling it
with water, letting it sit for a bit and giving it a quick wipe.

I bag lunches and nothing beats fresh, hot bread every morning.  On weekends,
when I usually do something in the outdoors, everyone is alway trying to get me
to trade sandwhiches with them!  :-)

-Steve H