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Old World Rye Bread

esandova@crazyeddie.win.net (Edward D. Sandoval)
Thu, 20 Jan 1994 22:51:22
>From Continental Mills/Krusteaz, Seattle WA

Old World Rye Bread

2 1/2          cups bread flour
1 cup + 2 Tbs  warm water
1/3 cup        molasses
1 1/2 Tbs      vegetable oil
1 tsp          salt
1 cup          Medium Rye Flour
1 Tbs          unsweetened cocoa (optional)
1 Tbs          caraway seeds     (optional)
2 tsp          active dry yeast

Place all ingrediants in bread pan, adding yeast last.  (Yeast
level may need adjusting for various bread machines.)  Select
"Light Crust" setting and press "Start."  After the baking cycle
ends, remove bread from pan, place on wire rack, and allow to cool
for 1 hour.

   I find this to be a great rye recipe!  I like a strong flavored
rye and use both options to get the full effect.  This recipe
rises better than some others, but that is probably because the
actual rye flour is only one cup. 

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