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Cleaning interior of bread machine

John Whitmore <whit@u.washington.edu>
Mon, 8 Nov 93 21:08:13 -0800
jeq@lachman.com (Jonathan E. Quist) writes:

	[ replying to inquiry about using Easy-Off oven cleaner in
a Welbilt bread machine}

I don't know the Welbilt specifically, but the machines I looked at
before buying all appeared to have a fair amount of stuff on the
inside that I wouldn't trust caustic oven cleaner on.

	He's right.  The main ingredient in most oven cleaners
(all the old-fashioned types) is lye, which can dissolve aluminum
quite handily.  The tub and the bayonet-locking mounting mechanism
contain aluminum.

	What I used was a solution of bicarbonate of soda in water; 
just paint it on the dirty spots, and bake a loaf of bread.  Then
rinse off the residue (a lot of the cruft will come off with it)
and paint more solution on, and... bake a loaf of bread.

	I was able to get the most recalcitrant stuff off after
three iterations.

	John Whitmore