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close@lunch.asd.sgi.com (Diane Barlow Close)
Wed, 17 Nov 1993 10:50:29 -0800 (PST)
I found this on rec.food.cooking:

From: howard@locus.com (Howard Moskovitz)
Subject: *** Great New Bread Machine Books (2) ***
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 19:17:37 GMT

I was out & about this weekend and found two new books that I think
every bread machine owner should get. The first is also a must for
anyone who has been thinking about buying a machine and has lots of
questions - its a FAQ file in print!

1)  "The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints"
     Linda Rehberg & Lois Conway
     (c) 1993 St. Martin's Press
     $10.95 (US)

The ladies who wrote "Bread Machine MAgic" are back with a new work
that elaborates on how to use your machine, how to get the best
results, how to troubleshoot problems. It includes a nice comarison of
all the machines on the market including tips on how to get the best
results from the machines. It also includes some recipes. A *must* for
the owner or prospective buyer.

2) "Bread Machine Baking - Perfect Every Time"
   Lora Brody & Millie Apter
   (c) 1993 Morrow
   $20 (US)

This is a spiral bound hardcover book with 75 recipes. What makes this
book unique and possibly the best book for the new owner, is that each
recipe is repeated, completely, for each set of machines that differ.
For example a recipe will be repeated for Hitachi, Panasonic,
Wellbilt/Dak, Zojirushi, etc. If two or more machines use the same
recipe they are grouped together. The repeated recipes are complete
with ingredients and instructions. I haven't tried the recipes yet so I
can't give an opinion on their taste, but the explicitly repeated
recipes should leave no question about how to make it in *your*
machine. I think it also fives the best hard comaprison data yet if
you're trying to develop your own recipes.

Enjoy, Howard.
Diane Barlow Close
	I'm at lunch today.  :-)