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Any info on Dak Turbo Baker IV?

"Lloyd Robbins - X5726 - Cogito eggo sum - I think, therefore I 'm a
Mon, 4 Oct 93 22:42:35 EST
Hi, all. Just joined the list. I have a Turbo Baker IV (the whole
wheat machine) on backorder from DAK. I've scanned through the
archives looking for comments on this machine, and only found one
mention of it (positive). Any other net.opinions? 

Are the references to the DAK R2-D2 machine talking about the Turbo Baker II?
Or is this a different machine? I gather from the msgs
in the archives that some of these units had a motor problem. 
Has anyone with the TB IV (sounds like a Star Trek item :-) ) had
any of these or any other problems? Sounds like I need to tie an
anchor to that bugger to keep it on the counter.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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