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Re: Suicidal bread machines

hinz@memphis.med.ge.com (David Hinz)
Wed, 30 Jun 93 08:08:49 CDT
The note about the R2D2 breadmaker which leapt to it's death is a truly tragic
tale indeed.  I have noticed suicidal tendancies in my machine as well, and
my solution is to keep it on a rather short leash.

Y'see, I wound the cord back up, so it can't get more than about 1.5 feet
from the outlet.  If it wobbles too close to the edge, it'll unplug itself.
I've only had this happen once, but I guess this means it works.  It must
have been tugging at that plug for quite some time.

So, you might want to think about putting a shorter leash on your little
beastie there.

Dave Hinz