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Is engineering fun yet? 29-Jun-1993 2130
Tue, 29 Jun 93 21:24:32 EDT
	Sorry, I cannot respond to your mail at the moment. I am out of the
office until Tuesday, July 6th. In my absence, Richard (STAR::) Sayde should
be able to answer questions on Debug Tools or CSPL. You could also try Anne
McElearney (EVMS::RIX), Burns (SKYLAB::) Fisher, or Jim (EVMS::) Goddard.
	Richard will also be acting moderator of STAR::EXTENDED-VAX and
STAR::CSPL. So send those membership requests/problems his way. Since you're
disappointed with my mailwatch message so far, if you're interested in where I
am THIS time (and don't mind tasteless song lyrics!), read on.....with the
theme from The Beverly Hillbillies running through your mind.....

Let me tell you a little story about a man named Steve
The annual drive to Illinois is his pet peeve.
Champaign, Illinois is the place we gotta be
So he loaded up the van and drove the family...to
Illinois, that is...Land O'Lincoln...no swimmin' pools...

Next thing you know, 'ol Steve's behind the wheel
stoppin' at McDonalds for each and every meal
Corn to the left...Corn to the right
Drivin' cross-country all day and all night
Night, that is...Don't wanna stop...

Three days later Steve arrives in Champaign
No feeling in his legs. In his neck a stabbing pain.
Out from the house comes the cast from Hee-Haw.
Oops...My mistake...It's grandpa and the in-laws.
In-laws, that is, and their dog, Max.

The in-laws say, "This is where you're gonna stay!"
85 degrees at night; 90 by day.
Sweatin' like a pig for more than a week
Gotta wait an hour just to take a leak
No A/C...One bathroom...

After a week that seems like a year
Pedal to the metal, we're gettin' outta here!
Home in New Hampshire is where I'd rather be
Got three bathrooms when I need to pee
Pee, that is, and poop sometimes too...

Then, at last, it's back to work I go
Back to relax, little do they know
But Mother DEC says, "You gotta use vacation time!
Or we'll take it all away...every single dime!"
Dime, that is...Got no money left...