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Why don't 'they' do it?

"Steven A. Hocevar" <STEVE@stimpy.hsc.ucalgary.ca>
Fri, 28 May 1993 8:26:29 -0600 (MDT)
From: "Lori Steinmetz" <steinmetzl@pclan1.csps.com>

>It was then put into my food dehydrator (drier), an oven set at 100 degrees
>will do the same (for 12 hours or more).  Once it was all dried up, I
>pulverized it and put it into a zip lock bag.
>This was then used to restart more starter (and it did work).  Or, added to
>my bread for great flavor.  Use one or two tablespoons put in with your

This sounds wonderful.  Can a person buy "sour powder"?  If not, how come?  Is
it not commercially viable?