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Wed, 19 May 93 14:27 CDT
>From: close@lunch.wpd.sgi.com (Diane Barlow Close)
>Subject: In search of:  the perfect toaster!?
>I have an older Hitachi bread making machine, one that can produce
>1 1/2 lb sized loaves, and I've yet to find a toaster that will fit
>the whole bread slice (both vertically and horizontally).  Most
>toasters are too short for slices of this bread.  I've tried toaster
>ovens, but they tend to dry the bread out more than toasters.
>Has anyone found a tall toaster that fits bread machine slices
>perfectly?  (I sure hate white ends on my toast.)  Has anyone come up
>with an alternative solution?  (Besides cutting the slices in half?)
>Diane Barlow Close
>	close@lunch.wpd.sgi.com
>	I'm at lunch today.  :-)
What I found that works with my Hitachi is to toast the bread in
my toaster oven.  The oven is more than large enough to toast the
bread and in the long run I have just thrown out my regular toaster.

Jeff Alltop