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Bread Machine Magic

"Steven A. Hocevar" <STEVE@stimpy.hsc.ucalgary.ca>
Wed, 19 May 1993 8:51:20 -0600 (MDT)
>From: obrien@netcom.com (No parking EXCEPT FOR BOB)
>I haven't tried that one, but "Linda's Easy Potato Bread" has become
>a favorite of mine.
>Bob O'Bob

I tried the Cinnamon Rolls this weekend.  They were so good, I made another
batch right away.  You gotta try them.......

>From: a.m.osborne
>Bread Machine Magic is my FAVORITE bread machine book.  I have never had a
>failure with any recipe I've tried from it (but haven't tried the
>Jalapeno/Cheese bread).  The San Francisco Sourdough French bread is my
>husband's favorite.  I make it on the manual setting and use a French bread
>pan, spray the loaf, and keep a pan of boiling water in the oven
>during baking.  The loaves are wonderful!

I started a starter on sunday.  Its seems to be coming along nicely.  I'll try
your method when I'm ready to make my first loaf.

>Sorry to hear you're having trouble.  I wonder if it is because
>you are trying the recipes in a different brand machine?  I forget
>what kinds the authors used in their tests...mine is a Welbilt
>(R2D2 model).
>Arlene Osborne

I have a Regal.  I don't think it was because of the type of machine.  I was
thinking that it could be the sour cream we get up here in Canada.  Maybe its
not as moist as the cream available in the States.  Anyway, the next time I try
a receipe with sour cream in it, I'll watch it closely and add extra water
when/if needed.

>From: dsr@philabs.Philips.Com (Deborah Rech)
>As to failure of the Jalapeno Cheese Bread from Bread Machine Magic, I also
>think it sounds like there wasn't enough liquid if the recipes called for
>3 cups of flour.  I find that I always need 1 1/8 cups liquid.  Any more
>and the loaf sags when it cooks; any less and the loaf doesn't mix well.

I guess the lesson I learned was that water is a variable and when ever I try a
new receipe, I should watch the kneading to make sure the dough is moist

>From: Renee@cup.portal.com
>I would like to find a good SOUR sourdough starter, like Columbo
>extra sour bread. Anyone know how to make/buy starter?
>Renee Roberts

I'll send you the receipe for the starter given in the Bread Machine Magic if
you don't already have one/it.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses.  Bread Machine Magic looks like a
wonderful book and of the receipes I've tried (Cinnamon Rolls, Chili Burgers
and Jalapeno Bread) only the Jalapeno Bread failed (I should have watched it
more closely).  The Chili Burgers seems to be very practicle for the busy
ninty's family.  Give them a try.