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3/8 cup measures and the perfect toaster

popcorn@cyberspace.org (Valerie Mates)
Wed, 19 May 93 22:31 EDT
> My biggest complaint so far about the book is the repeated use
> of 3/8 cup measures.  I know how to fake it, but does *anyone*
> really have one calibrated like that?
I've got a 1/8 cup measuring cup, but mostly it lives in the washing
machine for use in laundry detergent.  :)

> Has anyone found a tall toaster that fits bread machine slices
> perfectly?  (I sure hate white ends on my toast.)  Has anyone come up
> with an alternative solution?  (Besides cutting the slices in half?)
With some toasters you can rotate the toast while it is toasting
by using your fingers to turn the part of the toast that sticks out.
Other toasters get too hot for this.  Of course, the middle of the
slice gets toastier than the parts that have spent time outside
the toaster, but at least everything gets somewhat toasted this way.
Another way to do this is to set the toaster for fairly light toast,
wait 'til it pops, and then put the toast in upside down for another

-Valerie Mates