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Yeast and Bread Machine Magic

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Wed, 12 May 93 9:33:47 EDT
Regarding yeast storage -- I purchased a 2-pound bulk package of Red Star
yeast this past winter, and the package clearly states that it should be
refrigerated in a tightly closed container after opening.  My understanding
has always been that yeast keeps longer if refrigerated.  This is NOT to
say that yeast will perform better if cold, just that it will keep longer.
I try to let my yeast warm up a little before starting a cycle, 5 minutes
or so.  I haven't had any problems with handling the bulk yeast this way.

> I just purchase "Bread Machine Magic" and tried the receipe for "Jallepeno
> Cheese Bread".  It was a failure.  A big lump of dense something.
> It called for 1/2 cup sourcream and 1/8 cup water and 1 egg.  Thats all for the
> liquid.  I would expect more.  It also mentioned to put the jallepenos and the
> cheese in with all the over ingrediencs.  I have a Regal with a rasin bread
> setting so that stuff like jalledpenoes and cheese can be added into the batter
> 10 minutes before the end of the kneeding cycle so they don't get chewed up too
> much.  Why didn't the receipe say to add these ingredience then?

I'd say *when* you add the jalapenos is more a matter of personal
preference -- if you don't want them ground up so much, add them near the
end of the kneading cycle.  Personally, I would think in a recipe of this
type, it would be better to have these ingredients more evenly
distributed, but that's just my opinion.

> I guess what I'm asking is....does anyone have this book and what are your
> experiences with the receipes in it?

I have "Bread Machine Magic" and have never had a failure from any recipe
I've tried.  I don't remember this particular one, though -- I'll try to
take a look at it.

A question for our moderator -- Jim, I have a friend on CompuServe who has
for some reason been unable to get a subscription message through to you.
Could I give you her address to add her?  Also, about how many subscribers
are there on this list?

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