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Bread too dry

Warren.Clark@East.Sun.COM (Warren Clark - Online Publishing)
Mon, 12 Apr 93 08:12:13 EDT
In today's BREAD digest, arlene.osborne reports a good tasting
cajun bread which "came out too dry."  Arlene says she plans
to try adding a bit more oil to it next time.  That might work,
but I have found that bread cooked in smaller pans (i.e. french
bread pans) tends to be dry if cooked for the full recommended
time.  I find that if I chop a couple minutes off the cooking
time, I get the moist bread which I love.

Also, I think that with "french bread" cooked in a regular
oven, you are supposed to have a pan of boiling water in
the oven with the bread.  That too could affect the dryness.

Warren Clark