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geography and bread

lyson@mprgate.mpr.ca (Angela Lyson)
Tue, 2 Mar 93 18:05:52 PST
The recent discussion here about loaves not rising as nicely before
was particularly interesting to me, since we have been having the same
experience.  We found that reducing the water and increasing the
amount of yeast helped, but didn't give us the beautiful loaves we
used to get when our machine was new.

What has worked (so far) was moving our bread machine!  It used to
sit at one end of a counter, next to an outside wall.  This wall
faces north, and it probably has no insulation in it, either.
In its new position, at an interior wall (and, it just so happens,
next to the refrigerator), our bread machine has been making
beautiful loaves again.

Hope this information helps someone!
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