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Welbilt Service?

Patti Beadles <patti@hosehead.intel.com>
Fri, 12 Feb 93 17:30:34 PST
Well, R2D2 bit the dust the other day.  Apparently I asked him to make
something (a really killer sounding buttermilk cinnamon raisin bread)
that was too dense for him.  The loaf was a very tasty and wonderful
smelling brick, but when I tried to use the machine after that, nothing.
I press start, and it clicks once.  I suspect that I can kiss the motor
goodbye.  :-(

I called the place that services them, and they said an average repair
was about $50, which included the cost of them shipping it back to me.

I'm tempted to go buy a new machine, and then either have the old one
fixed and keep it around for a "spare", or give it to a friend and let
her cope with it.  How is the Welbilt service center?  Is $50 a
reasonable estimate?

I know that the Welbilt/DAK motors are notorious for being wimps.
What brands have motors that are more capable?
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