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Panasonic Bread Maker

Wed, 20 Jan 93 10:52:10 EST
Hi Everyone,

I am not the email goddess that some of you are, but here's my 2 cents.  I own
a Panasonic bread maker, which I have never seen anyone mention in this
mailing list!  It's great.  I have had very few problems with it, and I think
they were all my fault (old yeast, forgot the water, etc.).  I think it may be
expensive (it was a gift), but it's worth it.  I have had the machine for
almost 3 years, and nothing has ever broken.

I also don't measure too accurately which is how I can use the DAK 3 cup
recipes in my 2-cup machine.  Everyting still comes out delicious.  I highly
recommend it to anyone looking to buy a machine.

As far as cost goes, instead of thinking of the immediate cost of the machine,
think about the money you will save on bread!  I estimate it costs me about 25
cents to make bread as opposed to $1.39 to buy it!  If you have your machine
for 10 or 15 years, it's got to be worth spending more for a quality machine.

No cute sayings, just my email address:  sandys@ptltd.com