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DAK Motors

Jeff <JTITON@BROWNVM.brown.edu>
Tue, 19 Jan 93 13:58:11 EST
  I think the trouble with the DAK machines is that their motors aren't
strong enough for the heavier breads, including some of their own
recipes.  That is, some of their motors are up to the load and others
not.  Poor quality control.  After having to return the first baker
(dented) and second (motor blew) I've had good luck for almost a year
with the third by not baking heavy loaves.  Frustrating, but they did
replace two machines for me.  I've noticed, also, in some discount
flyers (like DAMART) that the Wellbilt is offered in "factory
refurbished" form, so clearly there's a problem with the machine.  But
I'm happy baking pretty standard-type breads with it, they come out fine,
and I really like being able to see the bread thru the dome as it kneads
and rises, something the high-priced machines usually don't permit.