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Hitachi Home Bakery Plus

margaret@msw104i.b24b.ingr.com (Margaret Wiginton)
Tue, 19 Jan 93 8:49:01 CST
Hi all,

Glad to see this mailing list back in business!

I received a Hitachi Home Bakery Plus for Christmas.  If
anyone else out there has this model and would like to
chat about recipes and such, please drop me a line.
Also, I got a copy of "The Bread Machine Cookbook III"
(can't remember the author's name) this weekend, and
will try to post some recipes as I try them out.

For now, I've got a few of questions ...

- Does the weather affect bread rising in a bread machine?
  I remember my mom saying that you shouldn't bake on days when
  the humidity is high, because the bread won't rise properly.
  However, I've had pretty consistent results with my Hitachi,
  despite a lot of rainy days.

- How long do you let a loaf cool before you wrap it up in plastic?
  I've read that wrapping it too soon makes it soggy.

- Should the flour be sifted before you put it into the machine?

Advance thanks for your advice,