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Sun, 9 Feb 1992 09:03:00 GMT
A couple of bread related things have come up this week so I thought I'd

send them rather than just "lurking" as I usually do :-) .

I just got a new bread cookbook called "Electric Bread". The chapters are:

     Electric Bread & Your Machine
     Gourmet Breads
     Specialty Doughs
     Unique Spreads

I haven't tried any of the recipes from it yet but some do sound good.

The edition I have was done for Williams-Sonoma. Information on how
to order should be available through them or from the company who
publishes the book:

     Innovative Cooking Enterprises
     PO Box 240888
     Anchorage, Alaska 99524-0888

Also, when shopping in Best last weekend, I found some mixes for the
bread machine. Baking in the bread machine is already pretty fast
but I bought a set of the mixes out of curiosity. I've made the
white bread mix and it was very good. The mixes come in white bread,
rye bread, wheat bread, and variety (a mix of the other 3). If you
are interested, they say they do mail order with delivery limited to
the 48 contiguous states. Their address is:

     Grandma Dunn & Co.
     PO Box 30608
     Seattle, WA 98103

In an earlier issue, someone asked about the DAK Turbo machine. I
have one and the only difference I can see between it and the other
DAK machine is that it cooks faster. This works fine for lighter
breads but I find the heavier breads need the extra rising time.
Using quick rising yeast seems to help a bit but if the bread is
very heavy, I still get a pooly baked center.

celia modell

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