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my DAK and french bread

Sandra Capri <scapri@hpbsl249.boi.hp.com>
Sun, 9 Feb 1992 09:01:00 GMT
I received a DAK r2d2 for Christmas a year ago (Dec 1990), and had
much fun with it for a couple of months, especially making the french
bread recipe in Drew's first cookbook (the one that was sent to the
whole world).  It was really good, solid french bread with a good
crust (if you took it out at the start of the cooling cycle).  

Sadly, about May, I was unable to get the french bread to come out the
same.  The first couple of times that I had made the bread in January,
I was very careful, measuring, following all rules, etc.  After that,
I just threw everything in the machine, and never bothered being
careful.  But all changed in May, and I don't know why.  The bread
rose too much, and became too light and airy for my tastes.  I hadn't
changed anything, I was still on the same group of yeast packages that
I had bought in April.  I tried cutting the amount of yeast in half,
and it didn't seem to make a difference (this really surprised me).  

Our water didn't change, the location didn't change, nothing changed,
except that it was May.  I thought maybe it was warmer in the room as
it cooked (I let it sit all day while I'm at work, and it starts up in
time to be done when I get home), but I tried doing this on an
unseasonably cool day (similar to temp of days when it did work), and
saw no difference at all.

Any ideas?  Is the maker on the fritz?  Am I?  I haven't been home
enough the last several months to cook or make bread, but in the
coming months, I want to get busy on my breadmaker again, but I don't
know what to do!  I don't want to give up on french bread.  Help

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