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Re: deflated bread

Jane Marcus <janem@hpfclg.fc.hp.com>
Sat, 1 Feb 1992 09:02:00 GMT
> 	- I tried making the Lemon Bread recipe in DAK's book.  But, because

> 	  I have lots of lemons on my trees, I wanted to use lemon juice 
> 	  instead of lemon extract.  "Joy of Cooking" says 2T juice
> 	  equals 1 tsp extract.  So, I adjusted the recipe accordingly.
> 	  The bread was almost OK.  I feel it didn't raise as much as it
> 	  should have and was a bit doughy.  Did the lemon juice bother
> 	  the yeast?  Should I have waited and put it in when it beeps
> 	  for last minute throw-in's?  ANy other ideas?

My approach when the bread turns out too doughy is to add 2 T. of wheat
gluten.  Wheat gluten is a rising agent and is available mail order from

> I just tried to make a loaf of Honey Cornmeal Bread.
> It ended up shaped like 
>                  |\       /|
>                  | \     / |
>                  |  \___/  | 
>                  |         |
>                  |         |
>                  |_________|

Usually when this happens to me (at high altitude, so your mileage may vary),
it means that there's a bit too much liquid.  Try decreasing by a tablespoon
or two.

Jane Marcus