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Re: Amish friendship bread starter!

jholder@hydra.unm.edu (John D. Holder)
Sun, 15 Dec 1991 09:02:00 GMT
[ From rec.food.cooking ]

>I would like to get the recepie to make the starter for the Amishbread.  I have
>seen the recepie for making the bread once you have the starter.  But I would
>like to make the starter .  If anybody knows how to make the starter, I would
>appreciate it very much if you share the info.  Thanks in advance.


	I have made friendship bread several times with a gift starter,
and I have a pretty good guess as to how to make one.  This is 
slightly different than most sourdough-type starters.  I would either
dissolve one package of dry active yeast in a half cup of warm water or
milk.  If you use water, add one cup milk, one cup flour, and one cup of
granulated sugar.  If you use milk, add one half cup milk, one cup flour,
and one cup of granulated sugar.  Set in a warmish place, like near the 
stove, and stir once daily for 5-10 days.  This makes about 3 cups of
starter.  Most recipies for friendship bread that I've seen  call for one
cup of starter to start out with, so as tradition dictates I would keep a
cup of starter for myself and give the other two cups to two friends with
the recipie.
		Good Luck!
			John Holder

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