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"Chefmate" breadmaker?

William Martin <check@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>
Sun, 01 Dec 1991 09:01:00 GMT
The latest ad from Target here in St. Louis contains a breadmaker for
$109.99 which is claimed to be regularly $149.99 and which is described
as the "Chefmate Automatic Home Bakery". Fine print indicates a model #
of "HB10/HB12W" but no specs are given. This is a rectangular model,
with a removable rectangular pan. On the right side of the front is
a control panel consisting of four LEDs above an LED timer display,
which in turn is above 5 LEDs which are above 5 round buttons.
The whole top of the unit hinges upward for access to the inside.

This appears similar to others I've seen in the past, but the "Chefmate"
brand is a new one on me. Does anyone recognize this as being a
private-branded version of another well-known one?

The picture and control layout appears to be identical to the one I
referred to in a recent posting that was being sold by Damark mail-order
for $149.99 plus $13 shipping. That one was unbranded in the catalog
description and photo, but does refer to the model no. being "HB-10".

Regards, Will