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gaining on gooey centers

Mon, 16 Sep 1991 09:03:00 GMT
   e-mail from Jane has revealed the source of the problem!

   (She deserves full credit, but I hesitate to post full
    names without permission!)

   If we can get the dough to rise enough, it will bake 
    properly.  Jane's solution is to add 2Tbl gluten to the
    dough.  It works!  Many Thanks Jane!

   Could it be possible that when we all first got our bread
    machines, we baked so often that our kitchens were filled
    with yeast spores ... now we bake less often, our windows
    are wide open, and so heavier breads don't have the benefit
    of additional air-borne yeasts?

   Along a related line, a friend used rapid-rise yeast by
    mistake and had incredible results!  A giant mushroom. She
    now uses it intentionally 'for effect'.

   Has anyone else used rapid-rise?  Possibly in a heavy dough?