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Re: Bread Making Machine Wanted--New or Used

muffy@mica.berkeley.edu (Muffy Barkocy)
Tue, 7 May 1991 09:02:00 GMT
> From: zimm@leland.stanford.edu (Dylan Yolles)

> Subject: 

> Greetings bread-o-philes...
> Your writings have convinced me that I need a bread making machine,
> and I'm leaning towards the Panasonic, mainly because of the "gooey
> center" problem with the Welbilt. My questions are:

A friend of mine has the Panasonic machine, and she complains frequently
about the gooey center problem.  She does experiment with different
ingredients and flours, but even when she sticks pretty close to the
recipes, she has problems.  On the other hand, I have the Welbilt, which
I would disrecommend because the round loaves are so hard to deal with,
but I have only had one loaf come out with a small undercooked spot.
(Of course, I usually stick pretty close to the recipes.)