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Gooey holes, cont'd

bruceb@lccsd.sd.locus.com (Bruce M. Binder)
Tue, 19 Mar 1991 09:01:00 GMT
Hello breadsters:

I posted a few weeks ago about gooey holes in the center of loaves
made with my Welbilt dome top Autobakery.  Since then, the problem
has gotten worse; the gooey holes are getting bigger and are
appearing in more different types of bread.  A coworker has the DAK
machine that is the same and she is getting gooey holes in the same
recipes that used to work fine.  I know other breadsters on this
mailing list have had the same problem.

Someone suggested lining the lid with aluminum foil.  I tried it
and it didn't help.

I think this is a problem with the machine and I am trying to get
it serviced under warrantee.  The machine came with a list of
authorized service centers for Welbilt Autobakeries.  None of the
San Diego places on the list currently service the machines.  When
I called Welbilt, the representative told me there are no
authorized service centers in San Diego (or Los Angeles for that

I will contact Welbilt again and find the nearest service center
and ship it there and I'll let you all know when I know more.

I just thought update you all.

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