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Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Rick Turley <rickt@hpfccg.sde.hp.com>
Fri, 15 Feb 1991 09:01:00 GMT
As a new subscriber to this newsletter, I thought I'd better pay my dues.

Here's a Honey Whole Wheat recipie direct from Welbuilt.  I've tried it
a half dozen times and it's the only recipie I have that's come out perfect
every time.  It has a really nice crisp crust.

	Ingredients		1.5 lb. Loaf	1 lb. Loaf
	-----------		----------	------------
	Yeast			1 pkg		1.5 tsp.
	Bread Flour		2 cups		1 1/3 cups
	Whole Wheat Flour	1 cup		2/3 cup
	Salt			2 tsp		1 1/2 tsp
	Cool Butter		1 T		2 tsp
	Honey (80 deg)		1/4 cup		6 tsp
	Milk (80 deg)		1 cup		1/3 cup
	Water (80 deg)		1/3 cup		1/3 cup
	Egg (room temp)		1 large (2 oz.)	1 large (2 oz.)

I usually add 1 T of water for the 1 lb. loaf and find that it works 

This recipie came as a teaser to join the "Welbilt/Red Star Recipie Club."
I did join ($14.99) and am supposed to recive 15 recipies every three
months for a total of 60 recipies.  I'll post as many as I can as I receive
them.  I you'd like to join yourself the address is:

[[ As of 1995 this offer was no longer available.]]
[[ I deleted this address. -- Reggie, 1996]]

They'll send you a yeast thermometer and a recipie file too.

Now I have a question for you all.....
My other bread all tend to "fall" during baking.  I've tried cutting back on
the yeast substantially and all I end up with is a short loaf that falls.
Any ideas?

Thank you all for your previous good information in this newsletter.

Rick Turley