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Some Ideas

"Martha J. Underwood" <mu10+@andrew.cmu.edu>
Sun, 10 Feb 1991 09:01:00 GMT
I've just finished reading all the past articles and digests and I have

a few ideas:

First a bit of background.

I got a Welbilt dome for Christmas at a department store. I spent $188
and it was on sale. Since the DAK model would have taken 2 months to
arrive I was willing to pay the extra.

Since then I've only made 3 loves of bread (a fourth is in the works)
and all have been good. I've had only the Welbilt booklet to work with
and I made:
   white, french and white (in that order)

The first white was good, about like I'd make myself, but the crust was
tough and undercooked.

The french was good, I'd turned up the heat a bit and again we had tough
crust and a bit burned.

The second white was excellent. Considering I made it on Saturday,
things went crazy and we did not eat it until monday night. Even then
only a few bites. The difference? I used bread flour instead of all
purpose. I could not believe the difference it made! The bread had the
bakery texture and aroma and had little of the heavyness I associate
with homemade bread. I'd bought the bread flour just to see if it would
help, IT DOES!

Now, we'll see how the french bread does. :-)

If my machine starts giving me soggy centers in a while I'd suspect the
machine is mis-designed and we should all contact the company (in one
letter) 20-40 people all making the same complaint should turn their

Thanks all.

Oh, where can I get the DAK booklet? I've lost mine. (we were shipped
one once, before we even had a machine!)

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                                             Martha Underwood
Blessed Be                                   mu10@andrew.cmu.edu