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DAK & whole wheat

Wed, 30 Jan 1991 09:03:00 GMT
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> Interesting.  WHere does the Panasonic keep the yeast?  DAK's suggestion
> of putting the yeast in first, followed by flour, followed by liquid,
> has worked fine for me.  3/4 of the loaves we've made have been done with
> a 4+ hr delay, and for the first few months it worked great.  It was only
> after a couple of months that it started making gooey bread.
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> Gary
> fritz@hpfclp.sde.hp.com

The Panasonic has a little compartment on top with a little hatch.
You put the yeast in there, and it feeds the yeast to the inside at
the appropriate moment.

I did follow DAK's suggestion of yeast, flour, liquid in the loaves
I tried.  From following the discussion here, I think my problem is
that the DAK machine simply can't handle 100% whole wheat flour.
Unfortunately, I prefer not to use white flour in my breads.

Since I was able to use 100% whole wheat flour in the Panasonic, I
figured the DAK was inferior in this regard, and have been trying
to guess what the problem is.  If it's not the yeast feed or the
way the blade constantly spins in the DAK, maybe it's the size of
the DAK or the proportions I used in my recipes?  Has anyone used
the DAK to make 100% whole wheat bread with any success?

Bill Stoll