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Gary Fritz <fritz@hpfcbig.sde.hp.com>
Mon, 14 Jan 1991 09:02:00 GMT
> P.S.  It's kinda quiet out there!

It sure is!  This is the first message I've gotten from the list since
I signed up 4 weeks ago!  C'mon, folks, surely SOMEbody has something
useful to contribute...

Myself, I haven't been using our machine much because just about every loaf
I make lately comes out gooey in the middle.  Heavy breads, and the DAK
lemon bread (wonderful!) have been especially bad.  I looked through the
bread archives and saw the suggestions from Bruce Binder (thanks!) but
that didn't solve my problem.  Partly because Bruce suggests watching the
bread to see if you need to add more flour, and I usually make bread with
the timer -- i.e. I'm not there when it starts mixing.

Can anyone explain the causes of this problem a bit better?  Is it caused
only by the dough being too wet, or does baking time/whatever affect it,
or whatever?  Could being at 5000' affect it?  I'm using bread flour, and
when I'm around to watch the dough it seems to be about the right consistency,
and it usually rises just about as much as you'd want.  But the last few times
I made lemon bread, it was so gooey that I was only able to get a total of
about 1 edible slice (in many small pieces) out of the whole loaf.  And that's
a tragedy!! 

Possibly related issue:  Since I got it, our machine has tended to run hot.
The crust would get too brown unless I turned the control ALL the way over
to "light".  Could this be causing the bread to bake too quickly and not
heat the loaf all the way through?  I don't know if the Welbilt is smart
enough to adjust its baking time for different heats, or if it just bakes
for a preset amount of time.  If the latter, the too-dark crust shouldn't
cause gooey centers -- just the opposite.

I decided it was time to send the thing back for repair or replacement.
Looking in the owner's manual, it said to "look at the enclosed list of
repair centers or call Welbilt."  Well, there WASN'T any enclosed list.
I've been trying to get through to Welbilt for the past 3 hours.  Once
they finally answered their phone, and put me on hold for 10 minutes,
they said "The person who knows about the bread machine is on another
line right now.  Let me take your name and she'll call you as soon as
she gets off the phone."  That was 2 hours ago.  Has anyone had any luck
calling Welbilt?  Do you have the list of repair centers, and if so,
what's the nearest one to Ft. Collins, 1 hr north of Denver, CO?