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robinr@pyramid.com (Robin Rosenberg)
Mon, 26 Nov 90 12:28:52 -0800
For those of you who are familiar with the DAK Onion-Dill bread
recipe (reprinted in digest Volume 1 Issue 1), you might want to try
a variation that I like a lot better:  substitute dill WEED for the
dill seed.  It not only has a much stronger herb taste, but the green
flecks in the dough are pretty.

In the DAK book, I've noticed that most of the fruit breads (like banana
and blueberry) don't taste much like the fruit to me.  (Perhaps that's
because I was raised on banana quick bread, which is more like cake.)
I have successfully added 4 bananas (the original recipe called for 2)
without it becoming like lead.  (For my taste, about 3.5 bananas would be
best, but I never felt like eating that last 1/2 a banana, so in it went.)

I have also successfully substituted egg substitute (e.g. Egg Beaters)
for the eggs, with no adverse effects. (And my picky husband can't tell
by the taste or appearance!)

Happy bread making, everyone!

Robin Rosenberg