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Request for YOUR comments about YOUR Breadmaker

tessi!uunet!tc.fluke.COM!ardyk (Ardy Kong)
Mon, 19 Nov 90 08:17:29 PST
I'm interested in obtaining a breadmaker and
would appreciate if you would tell me about
your breadmaker- if it makes good bread, etc.

Would you recommend your breadmaker?  Would
you buy it knowing what you know about it now?

The breadmakers I've 'looked" at are:
Welbilt (1 lb) square model
Welbilt - the 'dome' model
Williams-Sonoma (1 and 1-1/2 lb models,
    I have their catalog).

Please email your responses as I think this may
have been hashed out elsewhere.

Thanks.  Ardy

[ Andy-  Please forward a copy of your summary, and I'll post it to the list
  and archive it for others.  -Jeff]